I'm Ready and Willing to Learn

So You Joined an MLM . . .

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You've just made a decision that could potentially change your life!

Now What?

Are you driving clients away with your confusing and overwhelming posts? I've been there. I joined my first MLM over 2 years ago. I've now spent over $7,000 and countless hours trying to figure out how to do better and this course is the result of that hard work and education. (Don't worry! You won't pay anywhere near what I did for this information). 😉

Not part of an MLM, but selling a different product?  Stay!  This course can help you, too!

In this training, I will teach you step by step how to attract clients TO YOU with a powerful and personalized content strategy. Let's make your bank account go "BOOM!" Shall we?

Week 1 - Get Intentional

What is Your Why?  Get crystal clear on your goals, who you want to serve, and what you want out of this crazy ride!

Week 2 - Branding is Everything

What will your online presence look and feel like.  We'll talk colors and fonts, but more importantly, we'll evoke desired emotions.

Week 3 - Money Mindset Makeover

Most of us possess subconscious blocks that keep us from having money.  We're going to break those down and allow wealth to flow.

Week 4 - Writing Your Story

The magic and the money are in your story.  This week, we'll work on figuring out your story and the best way to share it.

Week 5 - Content Creation

I will teach you how to make those awesome posts you see on everyone else's wall.  They'll be original, branded, and best of all, recyclable.

Week 6 - Facebook Training

There are 500 million active Facebook users.  200 million of those users log in for an average of 55 minutes every day.  Let's maximize this powerful tool.

Week 7 - Instagram Training

Instagram is the second most popular social media network in the world and the best platform for engagement.  Let's utilize it.

Week 8 - Pinterest Training

Pinterest works like a search engine.  Your content will be active on Pinterest for longer than on any other social media platform.

Week 9 - Twitter Training

Twitter is the easiest place to find followers because it connects people with similar interests.  More prospects equals more sales.

If you want a 6-figure income, you need a 6-figure skill set!

This course will give you a 6-figure skill-set!

Week 10 - Content Calendar

The best time of day to post on your favorite platforms and how to automate your content schedule.

Week 11 - Self Improvement

You are Your Brand!  Commit to self improvement.  What's next?  I have some ideas for you moving forward.

Week 12 - Analytics

What you track grows.  Look how far we've come.  Analyze how your posts are performing over time.

What Are You Waiting For?

Let's start changing your life today!

Yes! I'm ready to invest in myself!

I'm not JUST selling training. I'm selling RESULTS!

I know you are here for a reason. If you've read this far, you know you are, too.


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