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I’ll Be Honest.  I think you are ALREADY swimsuit ready.  Yes, even 2-piece ready.   You are enough . . . exactly as you are.

You clicked on this link, though, so I know you are ready for MORE!  I don’t know your body, but I DO KNOW:  You are just two weeks away from

πŸ‘™ more muscle tone,

βœ… more energy,

πŸ‘™ less bloat,

βœ… better skin,

 πŸ‘™ better digestion,

 βœ…boosted metabolism,

πŸ‘™  and better eating habits that will have you feeling amazing!

This isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being healthy.  Maybe this will be the kick-start you’ve been needing, or just the motivation you’ve been seeking to lose that LAST TEN POUNDS!  This program will teach you HOW to make the changes you desire and make them permanent.  And though the name implies it’s just for females, the program will work for every BODY!

A year ago, I put together a program that I am still really, really proud of.  I took all the best techniques I had accumulated after 15 years as a personal trainer.  I named my program “2 weeks to a 2 piece” because so many people are trying to make a drastic change in a short time frame.  
I’m kind of a pro at helping people get tone and fit and drop the extra pounds in a way that makes you feel strong and empowered throughout the process.
That said, I sometimes think I should have named the program something else, because eating healthy and working out are about SO much more than how you look on the outside.  It’s about confidence and energy and a good mood.  I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but in 2 Weeks, you CAN and ABSOLUTELY  WILL feel better in your OWN SKIN.


I'm In! . . . Let's Get Started!

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?  I feel you.  Seriously.  I’ve looked in the mirror and thought how much better I’d look if I could just hold my tummy sucked in – LIKE ALL THE TIME!

I have been a personal trainer for almost two decades, so I know how to get results — professionally, that is — but when it comes to doing “THE THINGS”, I didn’t always do them.  (That is, until I put my head down and created this program).  I’ve lost the same ten pounds probably a dozen times over the years.  But I’ve learned a lot.  I know what works and I know what doesn’t.  AND lucky for you, I know what works FAST!  And out of that knowledge, I developed this program and it has changed everything for me.  I KNOW it will do the same for you.

So, obviously not EVERYBODY is two weeks away from looking like a model in a two piece.  “Bikini bodies”, as we’re conditioned to think they should be, don’t happen overnight.  Know what, though?  Two weeks from now, you will KNOW how to eat and how to exercise to make lasting change.  And if you have time to repeat the two weeks twice or three times, you will see even MORE impressive results.

I typically charge $85 per hour for my personal training services, so the $22 price point is a steal.  You can rest assured that you’re getting a super effective program for an even better price!  So push the “BUY NOW” button, and then

RELAX!  (Figuratively)

You are just two weeks away from feeling more confident in your skin than you are right now.

And maybe you’re just two weeks away from looking fantastic in a two-piece! 

Here's What The Program Looks Like:

Workout 1 - All-Over Muscle Toning

The first workout in the Two Weeks to a Two Piece Program is all about building strong, supple muscles throughout your entire body (in under 30 minutes per day). The foam roller cool-down at the end will minimize soreness. What you’ll need: a mat or soft surface and a water bottle. Optional items: We use an exercise ball and a foam roller, but you can make due with just four paper plates!!!

Workout 2 - HIIT

HIIT is about alternating periods of short, intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. This format will give you the same, if not greater, results in HALF the time of other workouts (less than 30 minutes, to be exact).  Be prepared to sweat, and also to have fun! We use a kettlebell in this workout, but any weight can be made to work (if you keep a tight grip). All you really need is a good pair of shoes and water.

I'm Ready to See What I Can Do In TWO WEEKS

Two weeks to a Two Piece Meal Plan

The meal plan is a crucial component of the two weeks to a two piece program. You will repeat meals for 3 days at a time, and changes up a total of 4 times during the two weeks for maximum body changes. You can do this whether you’re a cook or not; however, we will give you a few recipes in case you want to prepare your own food. You’re going to see huge results!




""If you're looking for that one person who can change your life, look in the mirror.""


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