About Us

Hi!  I am Marcy Vogler.  I am a lifestyle makeover coach and personal trainer.  I want to inspire you to be healthy, happy, and in love with your life!  I believe that if everyone felt their best, the world would be a better place.  I am 43 years old and healthier and happier than I've been in my entire adult life.  My biggest goal in life is to help everyone feel as good as I do every day.

As the mother of three boys ages 18, 15, and 4, they are and will always be my greatest accomplishment.  My home is in beautiful Utah with my amazing boyfriend and handsome kiddos.

I am lucky to get to work with the best to bring these programs to life.  

My videographer, editor, and partner in life, Orlando Perez is an army vet and a wheelchair athlete who has competed for almost two decades on the international level in wheelchair basketball.  Orlando is originally from Puerto Rico.  He is the father of three kids, ages 22, 18, and 15.

The beautiful Shae Zufelt from the YouTube Channel ZMe helps me demonstrate the exercises and also with designing the programs we bring to you.  She has been running half marathons for over a decade.  She is from Northern Utah and is the mother of two kids, ages 7 and 3.

Let us motivate you to be your best so that you can better market yourself, and in turn, better market your product.


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